Comfy Cats - Cattery

Our cattery provides a warm, comfortable environment for your favorite feline, with all the comforts of home.


Whether the stay is for a day, or a month, our in-house cattery offers your cat all of the comforts of home. Whether our quiet indoor location or our small outdoor cattery we ensure a relaxing stay. there's no shortage of goings-on for your pet to ponder, with a large viewing window directly into the main pet shop.


We can accommodate up to twenty cats at once, and spaces fill quickly. So, please make sure you call us first, especially during peak times (holidays etc) to make sure that we have space available. Feel free to come in and inspect the cattery at any time.

We also now have a heat pump to make it nice and cosy in winter and cool in the summer
Cattery Accommodation:
  • One cat - $10 per night

  • Two or more cats - $9 per night each


Cattery Etiquette:
  • Please ensure that your cat has had an effective flea and worm treatment prior to it's stay

    • Advocate Flea Treatment available from $13.50

    • Worm treatment available from $10

  • Please ensure that you bring in an up-to-date vaccination certificate when dropping off your cat. They need to have been vaccinated within the last 12 months to be current.

  • Feel free to bring your cat's favorite toy or item of bedding (please ensure all bedding is free of fleas, and that you uplift all items at the conclusion of your cat's stay)

  • If your cat has any specific dietary or medical requirements, please discuss these needs with us prior to making your booking

For Cattery bookings, please use the form below, or phone us for availability and details.

When using the form below, please make sure that you specify number of cats, and duration. Confirmation will be made by telephone.

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Please note: We can not confirm any booking or appointment unless a contact telephone number has been provided. Please ensure you supply your correct telephone number so we can confirm your booking. Thanks.